I read about a lot of different ideas for how one should live their life. Lifestyle design, I guess. A favorite topic that comes up often is diet. Changing your life through diet — I believe it! 

Intermittent Fasting is for people with healthy adrenals

In recent readings, I came across several advocates of intermittent fasting, particularly The Warrior Diet. I was really excited reading about this at first. To not be bothered throughout the day having to take breaks for meals, fueling up with one big meal in the evening, sounds great for my schedule!

It wasn’t until I started reading the book reviews and happened upon a reviewer who mentioned adrenal fatigue that I realized what a horrible mistake the Warrior Diet could be for me. I’m still getting used to the idea that I probably have adrenal fatigue and need to be really careful about allowing my blood sugar to dip too low. Most adrenal support recommendations lay out a schedule of small meals and snacks every 2 hours or so. From my research so far, it seems those with cortisol issues should not attempt intermittent fasting or fasting of any kind.

How I became a snack face

So I decided to try this blood sugar stabilizing diet.  For the last week or so, I’ve been eating primarily whole foods — no processed foods, no gluten, no sweets — in small meals every 2-3 hours. No skipping breakfast, either.

I wrote it all out and set reminders for myself. When computer says snack, I snack! Honestly, I feel like I’m constantly eating.

7:45am wake up (hit snooze)

8:00am get up (hopefully)

8:15am eat breakfast (i.e. a scrambled egg with greens & bacon)

9:00 commute to work

10:15am snack (a bell pepper with hummus & feta)

12:30pm lunch (cauliflower carrot soup with bacon)

2:30pm snack (an apple with almond butter)

5:00pm snack (tomato & cottage cheese)

6:00pm commute home

7:30pm dinner (taco-seasoned chicken on rice with kale salad)

9:30pm snack (half a stick of celery with peanut butter)

10:00pm bed time

I mix up the snacks and meals so it’s not always the same thing in the same order every day. Most of the soups, salads, and dinners I cook in a big batch on the weekend and store in individual portions so I can grab them quickly throughout the week. I keep a few apples, peppers, carrots, etc. at work with a tub of hummus, cottage cheese, and a jar of almond butter so it’s easy to grab stuff in between meetings throughout the day.

Is it helping?

I definitely think this has helped me with my energy levels. I haven’t been feeling super exhausted while at work since I started doing this, which is awesome! I still need to take breaks when doing chores at home, but they’re shorter and fewer and it’s easier to talk myself into getting out of bed (even though mornings are still difficult.)

One possible downside is my energy level continues to be high through bed time. 10pm rolls around and I have NO sleepy feelings whatsoever. Most nights I’ve tried lying in bed convincing myself to fall asleep for an hour, sometimes two. Other nights I just read until I start feeling sleepy, which isn’t until past midnight.

Overall I think the stable blood sugar is a good way to keep my energy level up in general. I’ll keep working on getting to bed early enough that I can get more than 8 hours of sleep a night. Soothing teas, maybe?