Experiment: Make my own deodorant

Nov 25, 2014

I’d like to send a shout out to the blogger who calls herself Scratch Mommy for her recipe, Homemade DIY Deodorant, and a shout out to the unknown forces of the universe that allowed me to come across that blog post at the right moment in time.

I’ve been looking for ways to live a more sustainable life, especially with regards to two areas: Waste and Chemicals.  Continue Reading

These two posts appeared in my newsfeed, one after the other….

Nov 13, 2014

These two posts appeared in my newsfeed, one after the other.
A. Is Facebook’s algorithm so detailed as to curate my newsfeed for content about Vincent Van Gogh? If so, why?
B. Is it just a coincidence?
C. Is the universe trying to tell me something? If so, what?

Conversation with my naturopath friend

Sep 13, 2014

After writing my last post about my chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue theories, a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook. I hadn’t talked to her much since moving from Seattle, when she was setting up her practice as a naturopath, and was bewildered with myself why I hadn’t asked her for advice sooner.

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She’s fabulously lazy

Sep 10, 2014

I heard the term Fabulously Lazy in a Franz Ferdinand song. (I base a lot of my life on song lyrics. I first heard the phrase “Sour Jane” in a song lyric as well.) I think the song is about a glamorous gal who gets people to do things for her, and isn’t the best connotation, but what I enjoy about it is the juxtaposition of some kind of “large” life combined with something decidedly mellow. I’m open to new name ideas.

But that is how my life goes. I have big ideas paired with an extremely low-key manner. I’m a mass of contradictions.

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Inside Jobs @ TechCrunch on UX

Apr 4, 2014

Inside Jobs is a TechCrunch project devoted to learning what various jobs are like in the tech industry. They interview developers, designers, researchers, and more, in an effort to give a day-in-the-life snapshot of what people do in tech.

I was interviewed for their episode on what a UX Designer does. Get a glimpse into my life at True&Co., when I was transitioning from Designer to Manager. Continue Reading

The thing about clothes

Apr 3, 2014
According to Forbes, the image I send to the world with my clothes is that I might be “stuck in a psychological rut, too comfortable to shake it up, or too afraid to draw attention to yourself.”

I have some severe issues with clothes and shopping, from the overpriced poor quality junk that passes for fashion these days, to the uncomfortable trends we’re made to feel we ought to conform to. I’m not teetering around on tiny spike heels, sorry!

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My Role as a Manager • Cap Watkins

Apr 3, 2014
My Role as a Manager • Cap Watkins:
"My job doesn’t exist so that I can know more, or so that I can tell others what to do. My job exists to cultivate a healthy and safe environment for amazing people to do the best work of their lives. My job is to make sure that people feel supported and have a clear path to success and growth. And when things get murky or confusing, it’s my job to assist in finding clarity again, to reframe the conversation"

— Great thoughts for those of us transitioning to a manager role, from my friend Cap Watkins | Sr. Product Design Manager at Etsy.

My 4-step design process

Apr 3, 2014

First Round Capital, a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage startups, hosts a regular event called Design + Startup. I had the opportunity to give a talk at one of their San Francisco events. I described my 4-step design process I’ve developed over the years working at startups, building products customers love.

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