On Working with Sarah

  • “Sarah has made many lasting contributions to the company, our culture, and to the evolution of the TaskRabbit User Experience.  Most notable to me is her sincere desire to help our Tasker community.  Sarah’s efforts over the past year shined a light on the Tasker side of the marketplace and greatly influenced our new focus on the foundation of our service.”

    Seema Shah, TaskRabbit

  • “Sarah is a rare individual in the world of user experience. She combines an excellent visual design sense with broad understanding of modern interaction patterns. This is balanced by a pragmatic approach to working with engineering and business constraints to deliver the best possible outcome in real world scenarios. She consistently provides clear direction to team members and is excellent at providing background ‘current state’ and competitive research to support her decisions. A true pleasure to work with.”


    Robin Sherwood, Daptiv

  • “I wanted to say that the quality of flow, visual aesthetic, etc of the new website is single handedly the best thing that we have produced in the time that I’ve been here. I think it’s a huge testament to you that people love the website, and are able to use it so efficiently.”


    Melih Onvural, TokBox

  • “Sarah is a master of process: she brings order to the craziness that is startup life, keeps the team organized and moving forward, all the while protecting her team from burn out. Sarah identifies the ambiguities and asks the difficult questions in order to get everyone focused on the goal or task at hand.

    “What I love about Sarah personally is her honesty and transparency. Conversations with her are free of any ‘corporate bullshit’ or ‘buzzwords’ currently rampant in the tech world.

    “If you’re looking for a no-drama leader to help you or your company focus on achieving your goals in a sustainable way, Sarah is your person!”


    Do-Hee Kim, True&Co.