The developer-focused side of the site was minimal in design to focus on content
Showcase section for applications of the OpenTok API
I also designed a part of the site for corporate pages, like the Team page
I did all the information architecture and content strategy for the site
The content document I created to help the team understand what content needed to be gathered and written for the site


In the fall of 2010, TokBox made a company strategy pivot to focus our attention on a video chat API product that had previously been a side project. I became lead designer on the new HTML site, a developer/entrepreneur-focused website to promote the new product.

At the same time, I also worked with an identity designer to help us design an identity system that established TokBox, Inc. as an umbrella company over an expanding variety of video chat products.


I was responsible for the Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Interaction Design, and Visual Design of the new website, including all the corporate site pages as well as the API showcase, documentation, and support pages. I also redesigned our blog templates to fit in with the new identity and visual style.


We launched in November, 2010, at San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Summit, and the new site led over 1000 developers to request API keys and start experimenting with the technology in the first week.

My work received many complements, including the following nice comment from one of my co-workers:

“I wanted to say that the quality of flow, visual aesthetic, etc of the new website is single handedly the best thing that we have produced in the time that I’ve been here. I think it’s a huge testament to you that people love the website, and are able to use it so efficiently. I actually don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it to you, but I personally think it rocks.

“Thanks a million on all points.”