There are a few points in a startup’s life when it becomes important to get all the heads in the room working on a problem. This may be at the very beginning when you’re just getting going on the implementation of your app or website — you might do this in a series of weekly Design Sprints for the first few months while figuring out the direction of your product.

Or it may be a major pivot point in the product, where an entire feature set needs to be created or reinvented. There is an amazing level of genius that can come from cross-team collaboration on a business problem — your team members are the closest to your business, your customers, your software — all they need is a focused structure to get their genius working together to solve the problem.

I use a variation of the Google Venture Design Sprint methodology, customized for the needs of the businesses I work with. (Can’t afford to have your whole team occupied for 5 days? We’ll come up with a schedule that works for you.) By bringing in an outside facilitator, you and your team can fully focus on the problem at hand, while I focus on guiding you all through the creative process of working together towards a solution in an efficient manner.

How it works:

  1. When you purchase this package, you’ll schedule an initial 60-minute consultation with me.
  2. I’ll ask for certain details and data to help me put together your brainstorm sessions.
  3. We’ll schedule time with your team for the brainstorm sessions (likely 3-5 consecutive business days, 4-6 hours each day)
  4. I’ll spend some time preparing specific exercises for you and your team.
  5. I’ll come in and lead the sessions for you and your team, in your office in San Francisco.
  6. I will be available for up to 2 weeks after the session via email for your team, as an accountability partner for any follow-up actions, and to help advise on next steps.

Package price: $6500

Email me at  to schedule your initial consultation.