Whether you’re managing a team or you’re the founder of a small company/startup, you want it to all fall into place easily, week after week, quarter after quarter. You want to achieve your goals, proving to the investors your ideas are coming to light. You want your team to be happy, relaxed, full of creative genius and innovation. You want your customers to send in glowing testimonials about your product and how brilliantly it’s solving their problems and meeting their needs.

But you’re not there yet. You’re being pulled in more directions than you can count, you have PR chomping at your inbox, a ton of ideas, and everything to build, feeling like it all should have been done yesterday. Your engineers put in long hours putting together the pieces for launch, and it’s coming out buggy. Everyone’s frazzled, looking for relief.

In just a few short sessions, I can show you how to find the focus you need to bring your team together to move towards the same goals. I can help you set up systems that make sure your ideas come to light and move from concept to execution in a smooth, relaxed, creative way that meets your customer’s needs.

How it works

  1. We’ll have an initial consultation (in person or via Skype) where I will get an idea of your current processes and what’s working or not.
  2. I’ll suggest a few changes you can implement right away, and potentially some longer term ideas for you to work towards.
  3. You’ll receive 4 weeks of email support and 2 short Skype sessions with me to evaluate how the new changes are working and make changes if necessary.
  4. Bask in the feeling of having saved the day, as your team feels calm and empowered by the new routines you’ve put into place.

Package price: $1200

Email me at  to schedule your initial consultation.