Do you have a tough user experience problem with your existing product? Have you built an onboarding flow but people are getting stuck at a certain step? Maybe you’re not quite sure which problem to solve first, and you’re afraid of spending your limited resources chasing the wrong path.

In my 12 years of working with startups and entrepreneurs to build web and mobile software, I’ve developed a sane approach to solving tough user experience problems. I can work with you and whatever existing data or customer feedback you have in a 90-minute session via Skype (or in person if you’re in San Francisco). We’ll come up with tangible, actionable steps you can take back to your team to get real results.

This package will also include 2 follow-up sessions via e-mail, so we can make any necessary tweaks or course-corrections over the next month following our session.

Package price: $750

Email me at  to schedule your 90-minute consultation.